Content List


  • Talk Show Hosted by LiLiCo “Foreign residents exceling in Japan”
    • Around 13:00 Talk Show Hosted by LiLico

      Born on November 16, 1970. Born from Stockholm, Sweden.
      Movie commentator / talent. I came to Japan at the age of 18, and started performing arts activities since 1989. Appearance as TBS "King's Brunch" as a movie commentator, Fuji TV "Non Stop! In addition to appearing on radio and events, he is a movie commentator active in multi, including voice actors, narrations and actresses of animation. I also handle the design and production of bags and jewelry.
  • Message from The Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike
    • Around 12:30 Message (Address) toward Realization of Multicultural Coexistence Society Delivered by the governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike


    • Around 10:30 Indian Dance Performed by Monica Gandhi and Other Artists

      【Indian Dance】
      India is a famous country all over the world for its culture and tradition. It is the country of oldest civilizations in the world. The vital components of the Indian culture are good manners, etiquette, civilized communication, rituals, beliefs, values, etc. Even after the life styles of everyone has been modernized, Indian people have not changed their traditions and values. The property of togetherness among people of various castes has made India, a unique country. People here live peacefully in India by following their own culture and traditions.
    • Around 11:00 Vietnamese Music Performed by Students from Other Countries Attending Waseda-Bunri College of Arts & Sciences.

      【Vietnamese Songs】
      The song “Sakura-iro maukoro” (Cheery blossom colored dance) known in books has been covered in Vietnamese, and is sung with the title “Sedap (bicycle)”. It is a story of young love, of losing one’s heart to a girl riding a bicycle in the playground. It has pretty lyrics which tell of mutual growth and future dreams in the few days of life which remain. “My Grandfather’s Clock”, is another song much beloved in Vietnam, and it is also apparently at times sung in classrooms on the final day of class before graduation. Both are graduation songs which are loved in countries far away. The soul of the songs appears to transcend national borders. On this occasion young Vietnamese people will sing them with all their hearts.
    • Around 11:00 Peruvian Dance Performed by AJAPE (Asociación Japonés Peruana)

      【Peruvian Dance】
      I think that many Peruvians think that Peru is a country in which much blood flows. This means to say that diverse cultures are also mixed together there. Also, you can see food, human nature, and dances. Certain persons say there are over 500, while other persons say there are more than 1000 dances. While it is difficult to be certain of the exact number, what we can say with certainty is that there are many dances. The various dances reflect Peru’s history, and it can also be said that they indirectly express a part of the individual character of the country. This is because, for Peruvians, dances are one of the means of living life happily as an integral part of one’s life.
    • Around 12:00 Peruvian Dance Performed by Inrayog-Philippines

      【Filipino Dance】
      In the Philippines, which is a multiracial country made up of more than one hundred small and large ethnic groups, it is said that there are as many traditional dances as there are such groups. These can be largely divided into four categories.
      Dances influenced by Spain which administered the Philippines from the 16th century to the end of the 19th century (Maria Clara).
      Dances passed down by those of the Islamic faith living in the south of the Philippines since ancient times (Muslim dances).
      Festival dances passed down in the central part of the Philippines such as those to pray for a good harvest of agricultural products, and pray for crops as well as Christian rituals (Barrio Fiesta) Dances passed down in the mountainous ethnic groups in the northern part of the Philippines (Igorot Dances).
      These dances are widely recognised as ethnic dances of the Philippines which transcend the differences between the various ethnic groups.
    • Around 15:30 Music Performance Done by Sami Elu (Disposal Chopstick (wari-bashi) Pianist)

      【Profile of Sami Elu】
      Sami Elu is a wari-bashi pianist who uses the proudly one-off “Wari-bashi (chopstick) piano,” an original creation string instrument made of wood. Plucking the strings with his right hand and playing the keyboard with his left, a bass drum with his left foot and a snare, symbols and bells with his right, his unique style of live performance is a the talk of the town. Specializing in composition at Berklee College of Music, he came to Japan following graduation in 2006. Active on many fronts, he was invited to Singapore for the Merlion Music Festival 2016, which gathers street musicians from throughout the world, made a presentation on self-made instruments at TEDxTokyo, and conducts workshops on making instruments for children at international schools.


  • Dishes from Countries in the World
    • Indian Curry,Naan,Tandoori chicken and Lassi
      Please enjoy big, fluffy and chewy naans fresh out of the tandoor loaded on the food truck. We deliver you Indian curry full of spices and Myanmar curry with slightly less than usual spices.
    • Gaprao Rice, Green Curry and Malaysian Soup (Soup with Squid Cakes) Gaprao rice and green curry, standard Thai foods, are served. A lot of popular coriander is also available.Malaysian soup is provided as well.
    • Vietnamese Coffee and Vietnamese Pho (Tentative)
      Sweet Vietnamese Coffee Full of Condensed Milk
    • Adovo and Laksa Filipino Simmered Dish “Adovo” and Singapore’s Regular Dish “Laksa”
    • Kabab and Turkish Ice Cream ※Halal Foods
      At ANADOLU KEBAB, you can enjoy authentic tastes and performances produced by Turkish staff members.


  • Exhibition & Trial Fitting Corner of Clothing from All Over the World
    • Many pieces of clothing from all over the world are available at the venue.
      Please enjoy a photo shoot at the photo spot with wearing ethnic costumes in the world.
    • We offer you a service where you can experience the trial dressing of traditional Japanese kimonos.
      Please do a photo shoot at the photo spot after changing into your favorite kimono.


  • Lecture by Mr. Jagmohan · Chandrani (Chairman of the Edogawa Indian Association / Businessman)
    • At around 14:30 I will give a lecture by the Edogawa Indian society president and businessman Jagmohan · Chandrani.

      【Profile of Mr. Chandrani 】
      Jagmohan S. Chandrani, born in Calcutta, India in 1952.
      Launched a tea importing business after coming to Japan in 1978, following graduation from the University of Delhi.
      Currently works to support his fellow countrymen in Japan as director of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan and Chairman of the “Indian Community Group” while conducting business importing tea and wholesale and retail.
  • presentations by University Students on Multicultural Coexistence Titled “Enlightenment of Multicultural Coexistence”
    • At around 13:30 College students of 3 universities in Tokyo will make presentations on enlightenment of multicultural coexistence.
      (Chuo University,Meiji University, and Waseda University)